The ACT Goes Green

A new 11.18 Megawatt Solar Farm is set to be constructed on the New South Wales border South of Canberra, near the rural townships of Williamsdale and Burra. The 34 hectare Solar Farm consisting of 36,000 solar panels is expected to take approximately 9 months to complete, and will provide substantial public benefit to the Canberra community through production of renewable energy and improving the city's environmental sustainability.

As part of this project, Yates Electrical Services have been awarded the contract to complete construction works for Consolidated Power Projects on the Grid Connected Substation for the Solar Farm. We are very pleased to be providing such an important service on this project, which is set to commence in September of this year.

The proposal for this project was generated in response to ACT Government Policy Objectives for the generation of 90% of the ACT's energy requirements from renewable energy sources. The solar farm, once constructed, will meet the equivalent electricity requirements of approximately 2,500 houses in Canberra each year.

The new RRISP in Berri

Yates Electrical Services are very pleased to announce that we have been successful in obtaining the contract to perform the complete electrical installation on the Riverland Regional Innovation and Sports Precinct, a new state-of-the-art regional sporting arena being erected at Alan Glassey Park in Berri, set to begin construction in September.

The vision for this project has been long standing, with funding applications for a project of this nature dating back over 30 years. The complex will provide local basketball, netball and other sports teams indoor facilities for games, as well as containing classrooms, office space and storerooms to assist the learning pathways for local students.

Initiatives like this serve to upgrade local communities while also creating employment and growth in these areas, and is yet another cog in the improvements and developments that are currently taking place in the region.

Yates Electrical Services are grateful to be a part of this development, and look forward to more innovations like this in our beautiful region


The future of farming

The possibilities that Large Scale Solar Farming bring to property owners are now looking much brighter. With Yates Electrical Services Redmud Green Energy Solar Farm projects, investors and property owners now have the opportunity to enter a whole new level of farming. The project, started by Yates Electrical Services director, Mark Yates, was spawned out of a need to provide local Riverland farmers additional income streams during low periods of income from primary production sources. The Solar Farms, specifically designed to feed power generation back into the grid, have the capacity to offset demand for electricity in South Australia, while creating supplementary income streams from the land for the property owners.

It all started in 2015, when Mark Yates - the Director of Yates Electrical Services - realised the plight of primary producers in his home town of Renmark in the Riverland region of South Australia. Many primary producers in the area have been suffering over the past decades due to many contributing factors including drought, restrictions on water allocations and low prices paid for their produce. Mark realised that these outside forces could have huge impacts on people's lives, yet with a bit of diversification, it may be possible to alleviate some of the pressure placed on primary producers by simply providing them a supplementary income stream which required very little of their time, but would be able to assist them during these downward trends. It was through this vision that Mark created Redmud Green Energy. Named for the traditional Aboriginal name of the project's home, Renmark, Redmud Green Energy would provide landowners opportunities to diversify their income through the construction and implementation of large-scale solar farms, erected on land which could no longer be used for primary produce due to no longer having any water allocations. With more investigation, Mark realised that there exists an abundance of land available in the Riverland - an area of extremely high luminance - which meets just these conditions.

In February, 2016, Yates Electrical Services energised their first test site for the Redmud Green Energy project on the roof of the Renmark Self Storage facility, an aircraft hangar based in the township of Renmark. The 187kW test site would provide valuable data for the viability of future projects of this nature. Since that time, works and planning has begun on more than 20 sites around the region capable of accommodating a 200kW solar farm, and the response to the project has been overwhelming.